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vrijdag 17 juni 2022

Zwarte IPA

Imperial Pale Ale kan zwart zijn. Een BIPA; een black Imperial Pale Ale. 

Ik dronk 'n Diquen Black IPA V2 

"Oordeel nooit op het uiterlijk! Deze hop-bom is gehuld in een zwart jasje, met lichte hints van coffeeroast en een hoppy finish." (

"‘n Diquen Black IPA – Fightstreet Brewery Een dikke Black IPA gebrouwen door Fightstreet Brewery uit de Achterhoek. Zullen we’j ‘n Diquen drinken?! .. ‘n Diquen Black IPA is een Cascade Black Ale / Black IPA van Fightstreet Brewery." (

Het was bij het openen een gusher. Het schuim was bruin. Ik vond het bier wat tegenvallen.  

Ik dronk ook een Pop Art van Brouwerij Kees. Deze had opvallend wit schuim. 

"Deze Black IPA is gebrouwen met vrienden! In samenwerking met Brouwerij ‘t Uiltje en de Amerikaanse hopteler Yakima Chief Hops is gewerkt aan een speciale Black IPA. Door de speciale en exclusief samengestelde TRI2304CR – CRYO-mix, bekend als CRYO POP zorgt voor sappige aroma’s van ananas en mango. Deze wil je niet missen!... Pop Art is een Black IPA van Brouwerij Kees. Het beste bier is gebrouwen met vrienden en drink je met vrienden." (

"De Kees Pop Art is een collab van Brouwerij Kees, Uiltje Brewing en Yakima Chief Hops. Het resultaat is een hoppige Black IPA." (

"Kees Hop Pop Art is een Black IPA van 7,0%. Collab met Uiltje Brewing en Yakima Chief Hops. Details BrouwerijBrouwerij Kees! BierstijlIPA - India Pale Ale Alcohol7.0% ... GistingBovengistend" (

"Hij is gebrouwen met een speciale hopvariatie, de Cryo Pop Blend. Cryo hop is een gevriesdroogde geconcentreerde manier van hop verwerken, op die manier heb je alle aromas en oliën die belangrijk zijn, zonder al het groene materiaal. Cryo hop is populair bij de brouwers vanwege het gebruiksgemak en mooie resultaten. De Cryo Pop is geen enkele hopsoort, maar een blend van populaire hopsoorten die voornamelijk tonen van tropisch fruit en steenfruit geven. Dat in combinatie met donkere moutsoorten geeft een veelzijdig bier! ... In collaboration with Brouwerij Kees and American hop growers Yakima Chief, we have been given acces<span class='oculta-grande'> ...</span><span class='oculta-pequenyo'>RYO POP with juicy aromas of Pineapple and Mango. You won’t want to miss this one!  ... Hop Art is een collab tussen Brouwerij Kees en Uiltje. Beide grote namen op de Nederlandse markt, durouwen, een soort die je niet veel tegenkomt maar die erg kan verassen. Hij is gebrouwen met een speciale hopvariatie, de Cryo Pop Blend. Cryo hop is een gevriesdroogde geconcentreerde manier van ... (

'Kees Hop art Black IPA 7,0% Dit bier is een black IPA geworden van 7.0% In samenwerking met Uiltje brewing Co en Amerikaanse hoptelers Yakima Chief hebben we toegang gekregen tot de speciale TRI2304CR – CRYO mix. Deze exclusief samengestelde mix van hop staat nu bekend als CRYO POP met sappige aroma’s van Ananas en Mango. Deze wil je niet missen!" (

Ik vind het bier wat dun, en die ananas en mango heb ik niet ontdekt.

Wat is eigenlijk CRYO mix? Op het etiket staat 'Brewed with Cryo Pop original flavor blend'. Wat zouden ze daar nu mee bedoelen?

"Derived from the Greek word ‘kryos’, meaning frost, Cryo Hops® is an industry-leading, cryogenic hop-processing technology used to separate whole cones into two components—concentrated lupulin and bract. Each component of the hop is preserved using low temperatures in a nitrogen-rich environment during the entire process, from separation to pelleting. Cryo Hops® pellets are the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oils. It is designed to provide intense hop flavor and aroma, enabling brewers to efficiently dose large quantities of alpha acids and oils without introducing astringent flavors or vegetative material. Cryo Hops® pellets can be utilized anywhere whole-leaf hops and hop pellets are traditionally applied. ... CHIEF ADVANTAGES

Nearly twice the resin content of traditional T-90 hop pellets

Intense contribution of hop flavor and aroma

Reduced grassy and vegetal characteristics

Increased yield through reduced brewhouse and cellar trub

Cost savings and net increases in revenue per batch" (

"Yakima Chief Hops has pioneered the use of cutting-edge hop lab analysis techniques to create Cryo Pop® Original Blend – a hop blend with the power to add a true “pop” of aromas and flavors in beer. YCH’s R&D facility houses one of the only labs in the world with the capability to analyze previously undetectable aromatic components, allowing us to explore beer-soluble hop compounds that survive the harsh brewing process. We utilize this data to carefully select hop varieties that are loaded with these compounds, helping brewers bridge the gap between raw hop aroma and finished beer. Combined with our industry leading Cryo Hops® production process, we have engineered a supercharged pellet blend packed with the most effective aromatic components. Formerly known as trial blend TRI2304CR, Cryo Pop® Original Blend delivers massive tropical, stone fruit and citrus aromas into your finished beers." (

Cryo Hops® Brand pellets are produced from whole leaf hops using a proprietary, patented, cryogenic separation process that preserves all components of each fraction. Liquid nitrogen is introduced at the beginning of the Cryo Hops® process, which results in extremely low temperatures, low oxygen and a nitrogen-rich environment. This allows the concentrated lupulin and low-alpha bract materials to easily separate. The whole leaf hops are only sifted once with a single screen pass through a mechanical sieve, removing the vegetative matter and leaving a lupulin-rich powder. The concentrated lupulin is cold pelleted through a pellet die used strictly for Cryo Hops® production. ... The differences in production between Cryo Hops® Brand pellets and generic concentrated lupulin pellets include: • In generic concentrated lupulin pellet production processes, the lupulin and bract fractions are allowed to warm to room temperature prior to pelleting. They typically spend long periods of time and/or go through lengthy transfers in a warm oxygen environment. Some processes have large holding bins allowing both fractions to stew prior to blending the bract back in to dilute the concentration. • Generic concentrated lupulin pellets are pelleted in an oxygen-rich environment at higher temperatures, commonly above 125 °F (52 °C). This makes the lupulin stickier, and oxidizes the hops, which degrades quality. • The Cryo Hops® production process uses liquid nitrogen to generate extremely cold temperatures and a very low oxygen environment, which is ideal for preventing oxidation. • The Cryo Hops® production process maintains the nitrogen-rich cold chain environment throughout the entire process, all the way to the pellet mill. This patented technology allows YCH to pellet Cryo Hops® Brand pellets below 80 °F (27 °C). Generic concentrated lupulin pellets use mechanical refrigeration in an oxygen-rich environment. • The Cryo Hops® production process uses only one pass through the mechanical sieve. This minimalistic handling allows for greater preservation of the hop components, resulting in higher quality aromas and no exposure to heat or oxygen. WHAT IS A UTILITY PATENT, AND WHY DOES THIS MAKE CRYO HOPS® BRAND PELLETS DIFFERENT? A utility patent is used to define inventions, processes, methods, machines, or articles of manufacture as new, useful and non-obvious. As a fully patented process, this means that key features of YCH’s proprietary process and methods used to produce Cryo Hops® brand hop products were identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as being a new and novel way to process hops. It was determined to be a uniquely invented process that is exclusive to Yakima Chief Hops, Inc. and a significant and measurable improvement from any other hop production processes. (

Yakima Chief Hops has pioneered the use of cutting-edge hop lab analysis techniques to further unlock the maximum potential of aroma hops. This new technique was created by the Yakima Chief Hops Lab Team to explore the aroma potential of novel hop compounds— specifically those that survive the brewing process. The Yakima Chief Hops R&D Lab is one of the few labs worldwide with the capability to analyze hops via GC-QTOF and SCD technology in order to study previously undetectable aromatic components. This technology allows us to identify hop compounds that work synergistically to amplify specific flavors and aromas and have a greater potential of showing up more pronounced in the end product. The data is utilized to engineer a pellet with hop varieties that contain the most beer-soluble aromatic components—monoterpene alcohols, esters, and polyfunctional thiols. The result is a supercharged pellet that provides brewers with a dynamic solution for many applications, showing massive tropical, stone fruit, and citrus aromas. WHAT IS CRYO POP ORIGINAL BLEND? In 2017, Yakima Chief Hops launched a line of innovative hop products known as Cryo Hops® using a cryogenic hop-processing technology that separates whole cones into two components—concentrated lupulin and bract. These concentrated lupulin pellets provide brewers with maximum aroma impact while reducing the negative effects often experienced with today’s high hopping rates. We combined this novel process with our hop compound analysis technology to create Cryo Pop Original Blend. This is a Cryo Hops® pellet blend that is loaded with compounds that survive harsh brewing processes including heat, fermentation and CO2 scrubbing. By maximizing concentrations of the most impactful and complementary hop compounds, we offer an incredibly powerful hop pellet that creates a true ‘pop’ of aromas in finished beers. (

Dus een IPA met een bijzondere hoppellet. En dan zwarte mout dus en donkere IPA.  

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