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donderdag 15 juni 2017

Hertog Jan – Grand Prestige 2015 edition

Prestigious looking man with a beer

Op een bierblog als dit, waar je je blik vooral op het buitenland richt, vergeet je soms de Nederlandse bieren. Op kom ik een review tegen van dit Nederlandse bier...

Seems that this is an annual beer, this one the Hertog Jan – Grand Prestige 2015 edition. Smaller bottle than a previous version I had, and it feels like I’ve had a couple of BarleyWine types recently, not that that is a bad thing (

Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is a deep, reddish-brown beer with a high fermentation and a full, ripe, bittersweet flavour.
Dinky ceramic  bottle with cork and cage, 500ml, which has beer that is 10% ABV, making it 300 calories a serve size, and 25 UBU things also making it 3.94  standard drinks.
Brewed by Arcense Bierbrouwerij (InBev) In the style that is: Abt/Quadrupel and they are Arcen, Netherlands. However this could well be English BarleyWine, Belgium Strong Dark Ale,  and/or other styles.
Heavy dark beer with a full ripe sweet-bitter taste.
Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is our crown jewel; the pride of the Hertog Jan brewery.
For this dark and heavy Hertog Jan beer the special Hertog Jan malt is used: a special mix of four kinds of malt. This gives a rich, full flavor in which sweet and bitter can be distinguished.
Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is one of the few beers that can be aged, the taste will become richer with the years.
Full-bodied dark beer with a sweet-sour taste, Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is prepared with the finest ingredients. It is known as the “barley wine” for its fruity flavor. The hop aroma can clearly discern the sweet and the bitter.
So, I ask,  what could possibly go wrong ? Well I really enjoy a bit of theatre and pomp when it comes to opening a beer and this is up there with tat fiddly cage and the small cork.
That bubble-gum rich fruity sugar aroma that is familiar with Belgium Ales.
Deep rich dark ruby brown beer with a thick and decent head that is as thick as milkshake might be. Aroma is that really nice steeped right fruit thing. Nice.
Cracking! Absolutely cracking beer. Initial burst of a bitterness gives way to a rich full mouthful of sweet fluffy sugary sweet beer that finishes both dry and a tick of bitter, and also has  a lovely coating lingering taste.
The alcohol astringent is there too, just there under all that heavy sweet stuff.
But my word at this temperature and with this sweetness I find myself sipping at a rapid pace, aware that it’s not a never ending beer, but it’s hard.
Even as it warms and that alcohol bur gets more noticeable there is something very compelling in the sweetness of this, I admit I have a sweet tooth and all that, yet this is only a tad over the line, giving me a really recent drinking beer.
The major thing though, this wasn’t comparably expensive compared to local beers of the same style and volume, and this is quite tidy drinking. and I would easily have another couple if I had the chance.
Like I said at the top of the live part of this, it’s a belter of a good beer.
This is a beer that is sweet and has a bop of alcohol, is easy drinking without surprises and is quite the tasty thing. Plus the bottle is brilliant. (

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