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maandag 22 mei 2017

Bierkwis 15 antwoorden

Antwoorden van de bierkwis van vorige week maandag:

1. Portugal heeft een aantal merken. De bekendste:

Zo is het niet te zien, maar op deze foto wel:

De lege fles op de foto is van Cristal....

2. Denemarken
3 C.
4. B Ondergistend
5. The date of the Oktoberfest's great transformation was October 12, 1810. On that day, the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig, who later became King Ludwig I, married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. To allow the commoners to partake in the ceremonies, the noble couple decided to organize a grand wedding party for its subjects on some grazing land outside the Munich city gates—and some 40,000 happy Bavarians showed up for the fun. That meadow, incidentally, was then given its current name of Theresienwiese (Theresa's meadow), in honor of the Crown Princess. Ludwig sure must have been smitten with love, because every year on the anniversary of his nuptials, he repeated the whole show. To this day, the Theresienwiese (now known in local vernacular as just the "Wies'n") is still the site of the annual Munich Oktoberfest (
9. Strangely, the most popular attraction at the first Munich Octoberfest in 1810 was horse racing, not beer, because there wasn't any! However, this sorry state of affairs was not to continue for long. Already in 1814, the German poet Achim von Arnim reported that the festivities featured an ample array of beer shacks where the people could get their suds in half-liter, tin-lidded steins. Eventually, horse racing was dropped from the program, but—foreshadowing a trend—more and more beer stands were added to keep the crowds in high spirits, and the festivities were extended to several days (
12. A, B en C: Budvar, Budweiser Budvar en Czechvar
14. Kwak
15. B. Bavaria
Na dertig jaar neemt Bavaria afscheid van haar bekende slogan: Zo, nu eerst een Bavaria. In plaats daarvan komt de brouwerij met een internationale campagne met de tekst: ‘Welcome to the Family’ (

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