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vrijdag 3 maart 2017


"33" Export is een pils met een alcoholpercentage van 4,8%.
"33" Export wordt in Frankrijk en in verschillende Afrikaanse landen geproduceerd door Heineken. De naam verwijst naar de inhoud in centiliters van de flesjes of blikjes waarin het bier wordt geëxporteerd. In Frankrijk is dit bier ook te koop in flesjes van 0,25 liter met een alcoholpercentage van 4,5% (
Zo zie je maar hoe Wikipedia niet altijd klopt, want:
1) De bieren zitten soms ook in flessen van 25 cl. en vast ook in fusten.
2) "33" is niet enkel een pils, er zijn ook andere varianten.
3) Het wordt overigens niet enkel in Frankrijk gebrouwen:

Ik heb al eens over "33" geblogt in relatie tot de Vietnamoorlog.

The dna test results show that, because of the amount of both agent orange and "33" beer in your dna, you are indeed a vietnam vet!

33 Export Lager Beer is a national beer brand and lead product of Consolidated Breweries. This beer has been brewed in Nigeria since the late 1979 and you can only enjoy it in the atmosphere of a Nigerian pub. It has a unique crisp taste, sparkling and refreshing.
The beer brewed from sorghum, malted Barley, hops and sucrose and it contains 5% alcohol. “33” Export gives a tender feeling and that is why most Nigerian men love about it (

This beer should be called 'Double-O Thirty Three' due to it's low profile brand marketing.
File Name: ‘Double O-33’ the secret beer.
The Beer: “33” Export
Type: Dortmunder/Export Lager
Serving: Bottle
Stats: 4.8% ABV
Brewer: VBL Tien Gang Ltd.
Web Site: Not available.
State/Country of Origin: Vietnam
Brewer Info: None noted.
Brewer Brand Hype: No web site or distributor web page.
Label: Product of Vietnam
The Brewski Review: This beer was rather good. The taste was mild and it held some good flavors. What I don’t understand is why it’s such a secret. I could find no official web site or distributor web page. The brewer name doesn’t get a google hit but rather turns up quite a few hits of internet stores offering ’33 Export’ tee shirts for sale. It seems as though that’s their whole marketing schtick…..word of mouth with drunks wearing their brand name. The whole ‘low prifile’ branding just seems rather odd. Other sites note that Heineken of France is the license holder of the brand and Tien Gang Ltd is under license to brew/bottle. Whether this is true or not I surely can’t verify. All that aside, I beleive the beer is worthy.
Drinkability: Sure.
Appearance: Moderate to pale golden in color.
The Buds: Good flavor. Mild (

Er is ook een "333":

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