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zondag 3 januari 2016

Goed voornemen

Op Beer of Tomorrow lees ik een leuke uitdaging, die ik dit jaar wel weer eens kan doen en iedereen kan aanraden: drink een bier van een bierstijl die niet je voorkeur heeft. Misschien is je smaak veranderd? Of is je ervaring door je geheugen/fantasie verkleurd, waardoor je een onredelijk beeld hebt gekregen over de stijl in kwestie. Misschien dat nog een keer proberen, je iets nieuws laat ontdekken? Ik heb eens gelezen dat kinderen iets 3 keer moeten proeven voordat ze aan een smaak gewend zijn ...

Zelf zeggen ze:
It’s an easy thing to not like a few examples of a beer style and then write it off forever more. It’s easy to pick the known-favorite brew off a tap list instead of the maybe risky brand you’re not sure of or style that doesn’t really jive with your palate. But it is a demonstrable fact that tastes change and palates develop. Maybe when you were first delving into craft beer you didn’t like the banana/clove flavors of hefeweizens or the toasty sweetness of a brown ale. But maybe it’s been a couple hundred pints since you’ve had one. Maybe those brews that you found objectionable in the past would be better appreciated by your more experienced palate. And what do you have to lose, $8?
Would you rather play it safe and not have to drink a pint that you don’t love, or just maybe discover a whole new world of flavors that you’d previously written off?
Remember when craft beer discovery meant exploration and exciting newness?
Why so jaded now?
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ve tried it all and you know what you like and dislike. And please, please don’t take pride in not liking something. (You see this a lot on the vocal minority of craft fans who dislike hops — that group is often incredulous and condescending towards fans of hoppy beers and it is a particularly unbecoming aspect of craft fandom.) (

Get out of your comfort zone for the duration of a pint this weekend — the possible rewards far outweigh the negligible “risk”. If you’re game for the challenge, we want to hear about your experience in the comments! Let us know what you tried and how it went (

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