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donderdag 17 juli 2014



Op staat een recept voor ijs met een hopsmaak!!! Hoe mooi is dat? Hop ice cream!

What would summers be without the divinely creamy, sweet treat that soothes our over heated souls season after season? Well I can say this much, summer would suck without ice cream, life would suck without ice cream. Thank goodness for Mrs. Mary Eales, for in 1718 her recipe for iced cream appeared in publication and the western world has been enjoying this cool delight for centuries. Yeah, some say the Chinese were first to develop it and yes they had a chilled desserts of sorts, but true ice cream as we know and love it today was first seen in London and the America's in the the 18th century.
To your standard 2 qt ice cream royal steep 1T of hop pellets the last 5 minutes of cooking. Hops can be bitter and if you're not a fan of IPA make sure you get hops with alpha acids below 7. Hops that are used for lagers and pilsners have low alpha acid percentages in the 3-5 range, creating a beer with an IBU (international Bittering Units) anywhere from the 5 upto say...15. Super hop bomb beers will have hops with alpha acids in the 14-18 range. These beers will have a stronger IBU, registering anywhere from 50-100. It's a matter of personal taste and if you like beers that make your face turn inside out, go big. It's important not to steep the hops to long, it will create bitterness that far outweighs its subtleties.

If you don't have access to hops, leave out 1 C of your creamer and add a Pale ale or IPA of your choice. You'll have to add 2 additional Tb of sugar. Add to your ice cream/ sorbet machine and allow to churn for 25-30 minutes. Chill for an additional hour in the freezer. Enjoy with caramel or chocolate or by itself.
So what does it taste like? Beer. sweet , creamy IPA. The beer flavor hasn't disappaited or altered and you may even get the "alcohol" at first bite but it taste like beer!

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